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A horror text-based adventure game made using OpenAI's GPT-3 (Davinci model) API.


It's an homage to old-school text based adventure games, and an exploration of AI's ability to write an emotionally compelling story for the player.


The app sends a prompt to Davinci to write a text-based adventure game that will give players choices numbered 1-3. When a choice is made, it is added back to the entire story and sent as a prompt to Davinci to send more choices, until the story is finished.

The story changes every time it is run, and it is generated live during gameplay. Ony Davinci has control over the choices and when to end the game.

The pace of the text also increases the longer the player plays.


It's interesting how Davinci is able to create a cohesive story that follows the theme of a horror adventure game. The stories Davinci generates usually consists of one spooky figure in a strange place, and the player is given choices to confront the figure or run away.

Somehow, the story always ends in about 5 minutes or so, and Davinci almost always gives a somewhat optimistic ending.