Anna Y Lin is a creative technologist based in Brooklyn 🥦 She has 4+ years of fullstack & UX engineering experience working in the realms of cybersecurity, policy, finance, creating user interfaces to help people access data at MITRE and Schwab, and briefly in data-vis with the wonderful people at Stamen Design. At NYU ITP, she leads the student-run community called the Coding Lab, and runs workshops introducing programming topics to graduate and undergraduate students such as: intro to p5.js, what happens when you enter a URL into the browser, how to hack websites using the network browser tool, and what data APIs are and how to use them. Currently, anna is working on her thesis project which involves combining textile art with a distributed computer networking system. technologies: JavaScript/ES6, Angular/TypeScript, Vue.js, p5.js, Alpine.js, React, CSS/LESS/SASS, HTML, Firebase, SQLite, Figma, Adobe Creative software skills: prototyping, frontend architecture design, UX research, design iteration, testing, deployment to production