(From left to right)

Poem 1

You will know her presence in the half-light,
New flowers upon her yellow head;
Swift as the night and full with the night,
She’ll put the water true.
Making all men as the sea to sea-
She, the signal to my oxygen;
High in the haze of the ecstasy,
Encircle me, and take this hour.
Succor in the dark,
be sun in the

Poem 2

You who were there
and are gone have come back.
Rose the sun like a subtle turbid night;
The water fell asleep in water warm,
Sharing the fire of my first impulse;
Divulge this secrets of that upper heart,
You had to catch me in the public way.
Light as a figure on a single way,
Pastures that walked alone against the ice
Beside the moon tints of purple and pearl,
Hold her own power in a world of pride!

Poem 3

I write you
my tongue mangled on your
A moon was in the convent that flew
Rose the wild starry flame on every shore.

When I beheld her face,
She smiled again her wistful sadness, and that night
Exposed with tender troth, and her disgrace
Lay me in your humble might.

Blue as a loèr lip
Saw the wild eye, the rustic gay,
Doth I of my feel ship,
Soon would she wait on me that day.